EDCI 687: Applications of Computers in Instructional Settings

The title of this course should probably be titled Applications of Technology in Learning Contexts! Nevertheless, EDCI 687 covers principles of design of learning technologies and the design of learning experiences with technology. We also cover how these designs are informed by theories and approaches to learning. The aim is then to develop a design perspective of new and innovative ways to use technology and new types of technology. Readings include journal and conference papers, book chapters, government documents, and more.

EDCI 788Q: Theories of Learning and Leadership with Technology

In this course, students learn about the impact technology has on how people learn, and how people use technology effectively to facilitate learning. Students explore theories of designing technology for effective teaching and learning, and examine the challenges of implementing technology in education systems. The goals of the course include gaining an understanding of how learning technologies are informed by learning theories and approaches, developing a design perspective for new and innovative ways to use technology for learning, and developing an understanding of the challenges of implementing technologies in educational systems.

INST 632: Human-Computer Interaction Design Methods

This course covers methods of user-centered design, including understanding user needs, ideation, contextual design, participatory design, iterative prototyping, and visual design. Readings will include journal and conference papers, book chapters, government documents, commercial websites, and more. All students will be expected to engage in class discussions and complete small group in-class exercises, short assignments, a poster presentation, and final group project presentation/prototype.